Say NO to synthetic ground covers in your garden

BIOCOVERS® is the ecological alternative for synthetic ground covers and herbicides.

Installation procedure

BIOCOVERS® is a light and compact product with a weight of 150 to 200g/m². The ground cover is available in consumer package (1x10m) and rolls for larger surfaces. The mat is easily fixed with pins. Check our installation page for more information.

Product information

BIOCOVERS® is made of 100% renewable resources and will break down at the end of its lifetime to nutritious matter, leaving no synthetic residues in the soil. BIOCOVERS® will prevent weed growth up to 5 years; afterwards the established plants will take over the light blocking function of the fabric.

Frequently asked questions

Why is BIOCOVERS® more sustainable than natural fibre blankets? Which type of fixing pins should I use? How will BIOCOVERS® look like after 3 years in my garden? Find the answers on all your questions here.