DS produces biobased nonwovens and biobased fibres


Installation procedures

BIOCOVERS® biobased nonwovens are light, compact and aesthetically pleasing biotextiles. The biobased weed- and erosion control mats, agro- and geotextiles can be produced in widths up to 4 or 5m. Given their natural look and the exceptional UV resistance these biomats can be left uncovered resulting in a quick installation and a low installation cost.

Product data sheets

All BIOCOVERS® nonwovens for landscaping or for geotextile, hydroculture and greenroof applications are made of 100% renewable resources and are fit for long term applications. The energy needed in the production process comes from 2 wind mills. After a longer life time all our BIOCOVERS® plant based nonwovens will slowly degrade and will unlike oil based PP, PET, PE or PA based nonwovens leave no non biobased elements in the soil.


New developments & casestudies

BIOCOVERS® was selected for a large European Life+ project. Larger pilot sites were realised all over Europe. Every year new biobased weed- and erosion control mats or new agro- and geotextiles are tested in new indoor and outdoor pilot sites. At the same time new biobased nonwovens are tested in industrial processes.